About the medium and my work:

I make organic ceramic sculptures and vases. I find inspiration in human gestures and patterns in the natural world. I focus on how a piece occupies space, catches the light, and makes shadows of its own.

I work with stoneware and porcelain. My pieces begin as cylinders on the wheel. From there I alter the work by slicing, carving, reattaching, and stretching the clay. I alter as much as possible when the clay is freshly thrown. I return repeatedly to each piece to make further alterations and refine details as the clay dries and the structure of the piece solidifies.

My work is bisque fired (1855 °F / 1010 °C), cooled, glazed, and then fired a second time to either Cone 6 (2265 °F / 1240 °C) or Cone 10 (2380 °F / 1300 °C)

I live in Portland, Oregon.